2018 Resort Reservation Form


Download and print the 2017 Reservation Request form to use, exchange or rent your unit for the 2018 year.

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Saturday, October 21st, 2017 Reservation Form

12 Comments to 2018 Resort Reservation Form

  • Board Comment says:

    You cannot simply request a reservation via a comment. You must complete the reservation form and send to Owner Services. Your comment will not be acted upon.

  • robomb says:

    I can’t find information about the % rental commission charged by SPM, or how much the unit would be rented for. Please post a link for details about this option.

    • Board Comment says:

      You should contact Owner Services for information, as you will have to sign a rental contract and return to the resort to rent your unit. The contract has the SPM commission, which is 30%. The amount your unit will rent for and if it rents at all is dependent on market demand.

  • Savanna99 says:

    Hi, do I have any unused week? My owner ID is 102466.

  • firevato says:

    I am interested in the prepay program. Also I would like a rental agreement form as I do not plan to use my week for 2019. I have week 23 for unit 12-313.

  • hill0424 says:

    Hello – when will the 2019 Request form be available?

  • shaneadams says:

    I have not received my invoice for 2019. Have they been sent? Can I pay online? Tama Adams

  • LAUKRU2 says:

    Hello, if I ask SPM to rent my unit in 2019, you will take a 30% Commission? and how do you pay me the rest of the amount? I don´t live in the US. My ID is 186070.-

    And, If I prefer to rent the unit myself, can I send this form via email? to where? Thanks. LaURA KRUGER.

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