Very important – Maintenance Fee Payments

Owners, when paying your maintenance fees by check paper or electronically please check every year the correct PO Box on the payment stub mailed to you. Your payment goes directly to a bank “lock box” and every year the PO Box number changes. We have found that owners who have paid electronically in the past some times do not change the mailing address every year, this causes your payments to be lost or delayed resulting in late fees and at times your account being sent to Collections for non-payment.

When in doubt please call your resort owner services department at 407-238-6014.

You may always send your payments directly to the resort:
Blue Tree Resort
12007 Cypress Run Road
Orlando, FL 32836

Credit cards or debit cards are always welcome please call 407-238-6014.

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Saturday, June 5th, 2010 News

2 Comments to Very important – Maintenance Fee Payments

  • sanzelowitz says:

    Please note that I have tried unsuccessfully over the past 2 weeks to make my maintenance fee payment online via my valid, AMEX credit card, and that each time I received an error saying that the expiration date was incorrect. It was NOT. Please advise as to how I might make this payment, online, using this card so that I do not get charged for late fees, etc.
    Sam Anzelowitz

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