New Elevators at the Resort

We recently opened up our new elevators at the Resort.

One is at Building 12 between the two buildings and the second elevator is between building 10 and 15.


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Sunday, August 28th, 2011 News, Photo Galleries

4 Comments to New Elevators at the Resort

  • deliazian says:

    I am pleased to see the renovations at Blue Tree Resort (“BTR”). However, when I purchased my timeshare with BTR, the resort was affiliated with Westin Resort and was graded as a 5 star Resort. At the time, I was able to exchange my unit with all other 5 star resorts. During the past years, although BTR has done renovations, the Interval International (“II”) who is my exchange agent has graded the BTR as “Affiliated” resort which is the lesser of “Select” or “Premier”. I was told recently the resorts are not graded with the star and are graded by tiers. 1) Affiliated, 2) Select, 3) Premium. I was advised by II that they do inspect the resorts at least once a year. That they inspected BTR a year ago and have determined that although BTR has done certain renovations, based on their inspections and visitor’s feedbacks, BTR’s status has not been changed and upgraded. This is very upsetting to me. I am not sure of the details and requirement BTR management failed to perform. I am not sure why the resort for the past 5 years has been downgraded from a 5 stat resort. As an owner, it is important for me to be able to own a 5 star or premier resort. I am having a hard time to exchange my BTR unit with other 5 star resorts. I need more information to find out what was the last inspection done by II and why the BTR is still under Affiliated tier instead of Select or Premier. Thank you.

    • Board Comment says:

      First, as you are aware, Interval International no longer has a 5-star rating system. We have been inspected by II and informed that we were ranked as a “Select” resort. Additionally, our visitor feedback has consistently been above the 85% positive required for that rating. Nevertheless, II has not updated our status in their database. We have contacted II multiple times over this issue with no change in their response. One of the reasons given in the past is that since we occupy the same property as Westgate Blue Tree and they have not performed renovations to their units in over 10 years, II cannot give us a higher status. However, the inspection report would seem to negate that, as II only inspected Association managed buildings. We are continuing to work with II to gain the appropriate status. We do have Gold Crown status with our alternate exchange company, RCI.

  • harzfire says:

    I would like to know if joining RCI would be a better choice however how, what would happen to my banked weeks at II, seems like we are being shortchanged. Also last July I couldn’t exchange a banked week at II in a Williamsburg resort, however I was able to by a getaway week. I still don’t understand how this is possible, and is this another reason to switch to RCI ?

    • Board Comment says:

      If you switch affiliation from II to RCI, your banked weeks would not be available. If you are anticipating changing, you should use any banked weeks first. Another option is Dial-an-Exchange, which does not have a membership requirement.

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