Interval International Pulls Five Star Resort Designation

Orlando, FL – June 16, 2003

Interval International’s Five Star Committee recently held their regular meeting to consider Blue Tree Resort’s ongoing participation in the Five Star quality recognition program. During that meeting the committee reviewed the resort’s Consumer Satisfaction Index (CSI) and the fact the resort was granted an exception in the last review period and given a little more time to bring the comment ratings up slightly to the five star thresholds. They have advised the resort that the designation will be removed until such time as the qualifying criteria are consistently met.

Robert McGrath, Region Manager Central Florida, states: “Scores remain below minimum Five Star standards (85%) in three out of four categories and the overall score is currently 82%. In order to remain in the program, Blue Tree Resort must improve the CSI scores to 85% in three out of four categories [one of which must include the unit category, which is currently rating 78%] as well as achieve an overall score of 85%.” He added that the timeshare industry has changed. “Blue Tree could be affected by owners of newer resorts with larger units and more amenities coming here and feeling this is not on a par with what they exchanged. That’s why the CSI’s could be so low.”

It’s very clear to Interval International that the current management company (SPM Resorts, Inc.) as well as the Board of Directors, have taken positive action and regards regaining Interval’s Five Star rating for the resort very seriously. For example, the resort enacted a “Five Star Rating Plan of Action for 2002”. Unfortunately, the issues confronting the resort from the loss of use of the reception center and commercial space has been difficult to immediately overcome.

Interval International assures us this does not affect our owners’ trading power in any way. Our owners can still trade into Five Star designated resorts just as before. Over the past year Blue Tree Resort has had almost 4,000 timeshare owners inbound exchange into the resort. Approximately 1,150 of these were owners at a Five Star rated resort.

We expect more information will follow on this topic. Blue Tree Resort owners are encouraged to check our website periodically at for updates on association affairs

Following are some answers to questions our owners have been asking:

Q. If Blue Tree Resort is no longer an Interval International Five Star Award recipient, how does this affect my trading power?

A. It doesn’t. The Interval International Exchange system is an open system. We do not maintain separate inventory pools for Five Star/non-Five Star members.

Q. Can I still exchange into a Five Star designated resort? What are my chances of getting in?

A. Yes, you may still receive confirmations into Five Star resorts. Many factors, including when a deposit and request are placed, supply and demand, etc. determine trading. For complete list of comparable exchange factors, please refer the Terms and Conditions section of the annual resort directory.

Q. Are there separate pools of inventory for Five Star resorts and non-Five Star resorts?

A. No. All deposited inventory is available to all exchange requests.

Q. Do I contact the same numbers to deposit a week or seek an exchange?

A. Yes. Nothing has changed as to the manner in which members from Blue tree Resort at Lake Buena Vista will be serviced. Interval International is committed to providing the highest possible customer service to the owners at Blue Tree Resort.

Q. How do we get the Five Star Award back?

A. The resort can indeed earn the award again. The resort would have to increase their Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Scores to above program minimums. The program criteria has been given to your management company, SPM Resorts.

Q. Do we have exchange options other than Interval International?

A. At the present time the only exchange option available to Owners of Blue Tree Resort is Interval International.


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