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January 2020 

Dear Fellow Blue Tree Owner: 

The Board of Directors wishes to inform all owners of changes regarding the managing entity of the resort. 

As you are likely aware, our long-term (since 2001) management company, SPM, was acquired by Capital Resorts in November, 2016. At that point in time, this seemed to be merely a corporate merger, with little to no impact to resort management practices or to the known and trusted SPM staff that the Board and our on-site Blue Tree staff had been working with for years. There were overtures made by Capital Resorts for the Board to involve Blue Tree in the Capital Resorts “Club”, which the Board resisted because we believed the best interests of the resort would be preserved by maintaining our independence. We believed, and still do, that our owners who wish to engage in a “Club” experience have ample opportunity to do so on a voluntary basis through Dial-An-Exchange, Interval International, or RCI, either through weeks exchange or in their points programs. 

The Board and Capital conducted protracted negotiations over the last five months, but were unable to reach a relationship that the Board found acceptable. As these negotiations continued, the Board began, in October, to review other management options, receiving four responses to our request for proposal (RFP). The Board moved forward to engage Goodmanagement, a hospitality management firm headquartered in Newport News, Virginia with over 30 years experience, to provide management services. Although the transition from the former management agent has not been without challenges, the Goodmanagement staff is on-site at the resort and we are confident all issues are being addressed and resolved. We were very pleased to hear positive reviews of the Goodmanagement team from owners and the Annual Meeting. The Board and Blue Tree staff are looking forward to a great 2020 with Goodmanagement on board! 

The Board is committed to ensure that every Blue Tree owner is aware of potential fraud from third parties wishing to purchase or “take over” your timeshare interval. Please contact your Board of Directors if you receive contact from third parties soliciting your timeshare ownership in Blue Tree or promising to eliminate your maintenance fee. The Blue Tree Homeowner’s Association retains the right of first refusal for the purchase of any owner’s inventory, and while we will never stand in the way of a bona fide transfer, we want to do what we can to protect your and other owners interest. 

We wish you all the best in the new year and your Blue Tree Resort team looks forward to seeing you at the resort soon! 

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