2013 Annual Meeting presentation

The Blue Tree Resort at Lake Buena Vista Condominium Owners Association held their annual meeting on January 12, 2013. Owner directors John Sgarlata and James Bonds were present, and the developer director, David Siegel was absent. The Association received 1899 proxies, insufficient for the quorum requirement of 2104, 205 short.

Following a presentation by SPM management on the status of the resort and plans for the coming year. A question and answer discussion among the attendees and the board then took place, after which the meeting was adjourned.

Thanks to all those who came out for the Annual Meeting on January 12, 2013. If you’d like to view the presentation from the meeting, it is available in PDF form below.
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6 Comments to 2013 Annual Meeting presentation

  • James Geymonat says:

    If you want more proxies back to you in time for the meeting, than send them out to us Canadians earlier. We don’t receive it in time for you to get it back in time for the meeting, as it stands now…..

  • hmoore3 says:

    The Lobby of a facility that was just built a few years ago needs a $67,000 renovation? Dare say that modest $10 increase in maintenance fees could have been eliminated by not scheduling that work.

    • Board Comment says:

      The lobby needed renovation due to the high amount of traffic, as the flooring was becoming quite worn and chipped. We also wanted to provide more seating for guests if there were delays in their room being available. There were additional changes needed due to guest requests for things such as luggage storage and better front desk efficiency. The lobby is the first thing guests see, and we want to make sure we make a good first impression.

  • Brian Jones says:

    Love the resort but I think the additional grills by pool #2 is a little over kill. Built in stainless? I think enough with the grill areas you have enough now. I spoke about the play set area old and not really kept too clean, rake the sand when you are able and maybe if you plan on keeping the play set area then add to it. I made suggestions about getting ride of the board game area by pool #1 and add a corn hole board game set(it is the new game out there) add music to the pool area and still a nice Tiki bar by pool #1 would be a hit over in the drop down area with tables. The canopy’s are perfect and well worth the investment. Think about keeping the volley ball over by pool #2 so when wanted to play you do not have to walk over to the office. The $10.00 addition every year is starting to add up, what can we do as owners to get the rooms booked by our friends and families that are delinquent year after year? can we have rooms available to rent out for the same? I know you will have all the answers to my suggestions but before you reply just think about everything. Keep up the great job you all do.

    • Board Comment says:

      The grill additions have been highly popular. The additional grills were needed due to the high utilization of the initial grill installation. The children’s play area is maintained regularly. As for the maintenance fee increase, we monitor our expenses regularly, and keep the expenses as low as possible. However, costs do increase and so does the maintenance fee.

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