2009 Annual Meeting Letter

Dear Blue Tree Resort Owner,

2009 can go on record as being another year of successes for your Association. We have reaped the benefits of having our dedicated Check-in and Operations facility, which was paid for in full at the end of 2008. The revenues generated by our successful Delinquent Owner Rental Program are relatively steady despite the current economic conditions, which helps in keeping maintenance fees stable despite ever increasing expenses. As always, we have been very interested in gaining an understanding of the wishes and desires of our fellow owners, and we continue to act on your feedback.

We are proud to announce the following accomplishments:

  • Refurbishment of Building #4 and #15 to include:
    • – New Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets
    • – Granite Counter Tops
    • – Stainless Steel Appliances
    • – New Lighting
    • – Mattresses and Box Springs
  • Shower stall replacement in Deluxe Units.
  • Screened in porches of all Executive Units.
  • Install fiber optic cabling throughout the property for phone and television.
  • Re-seal asphalt roadways and parking areas around the property.
  • Replace balcony furniture in Executive Units.
  • Unit safes in Executive Units.

We are happy to announce to you that the following items are slated for completion in 2010:

  • Replacement of soft goods in Building #4 and #15 to include:
    • – New Sofas/Chairs
    • – Dining Table/Chairs
    • – New Draperies and Linens
    • – Ceiling Fans and Artwork
  • Refurbishment of Building #2 and #10 to include:
    • – New Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets
    • – Granite Counter Tops
    • – Stainless Steel Appliances
    • – New Lighting
    • – Mattresses and Box Springs
  • Continuation of Shower Stall replacements in Building #6.
  • Unit safes in Deluxe Units.
  • Addition of Pool Heater to Pool #4.

This year is a year of replenishment of our Reserves. As you can see, we are committed to upgrading the kitchens in all units over the next three years and continue to replace the furniture at the same time. This will require an increase in Reserve funding in order to maintain our balance in the Reserve account that is adequate to meet the future needs of the resort. However, through judicious monitoring of expenses, reduction in property insurance premiums, and healthy revenue from our delinquent rental program, we were able to keep the Operations fees the same as they were in 2009. The budget that was approved by the Board in October includes a $15.00 increase in the maintenance fees to go directly to the Reserve fund. We pledge to judiciously and conservatively manage the Association funds to make your ownership a pleasure rather than a burden.

We are pleased to provide the enclosed materials in preparation for our Annual Meeting. The Association did not have a quorum at last year’s Annual Meeting and as a result, we urge you to take a moment to complete your proxy and send it in now. It is critical that we are able to hold an official Annual Meeting, and the only way that we can do that is to receive proxies from at least 15% of the owners. Once again, two of the three Board seats are available for election by the owners (the Developer holding the third), and once again, we are asking for your proxy. It is extremely important that you return the enclosed proxy, as it is the only one authorized by the owner’s Association.

NOTE: You may also fax your proxy to the firm of Averett, Warmus, Durkee, Bauder & Thompson, CPA at 407-849-1119 or email to: proxy2009@bluetreeowners.org.

We ask for and appreciate your continued support. Please consult the Association website for updates at www.bluetreeowners.org, and your owner representatives of the Board are available via e-mail and telephone for personal responses to your concerns.


John Sgarlata

James Bonds
Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer

Download the original letter as a PDF

View the proxy form and Annual Meeting notice here.

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